Accusation of Sexual Assault Casts Shadow Over Biden’s Campaign

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Tara Reade and Joe Biden - Sexual Assault Allegations - Coalition for American Veterans

Joe Biden wants to be our nation’s Commander in Chief, but Tara Reade’s accusation that Biden sexually assaulted her have cast a shadow over his campaign. To be sure, Reade’s accusation is not the only reason to question Biden’s qualifications to be President – Biden has plenty of other faults and deficiencies. But an accusation of sexual assault is an extremely serious matter, and ought to be examined and considered seriously.

In a widely publicized interview with Megyn Kelly, Reade went into great detail about the sexual assault she claims she suffered at the hands of the former Vice President. (see – Megyn Kelly’s exclusive sit down with Tara Reade, May 8, 2020)  

This issue also indicates that Biden is possibly particularly hypocritical, as he is a leading proponent of denial of due process for male college students accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

She may be telling the truth – we don’t know for sure. At the very least, Reade’s accusation should be taken seriously, carefully considered, and properly investigated.  

Tara Reade and Joe Biden - Sexual Assault Allegations - Coalition for American Veterans

But can we count on the Democratic Party to investigate the man they plan to nominate as their presidential candidate? No – they are too wrapped up in partisanship. They were willing to blast Brett Kavanaugh, but are curiously quiet when it comes to one of their own.

What about the media? Can the media step up to the plate and objectively report on this issue? Again, the answer is “no,” and again, pro-Democrat partisanship is the problem.  

Take, for example, the New York Times. Not only did they avoid digging deep into this possible scandal, they disregarded the matter and treated it lightly. Rather than investigate this serious accusation against presidential candidate Biden, the pages of the Times openly defended Biden and were dismissive about Reade’s claims.

In an article entitled “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway,” Times columnist Linda Hirshman wrote urging other Democrats to do the same: “I’ll take one for the team. I believe Ms. Reade, and I’ll vote for Mr. Biden this fall. I won’t say it will be easy….  Better to just own up to what you are doing: sacrificing Ms. Reade for the good of the many.” (see – New York Times, May 6, 2020).

In 2020, we can’t count on the mainstream media to objectively consider Reade’s serious charges against Joe Biden. That responsibility will fall to the voters. And for many of us, it will be one more reason to “Say No to Joe Biden” and vote against him on November 3rd.

Coalition for American Veterans

Coalition for American Veterans

Coalition for American Veterans was founded by a group of citizens concerned with the treatment our veterans have received since returning from duty, going months and years without seeing their families and risking their lives, only to come home to politicians that do not support them.

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