Biden and the Democrats: Cave in to Rioting and Looting

Biden and Democrats - Coalition for American Veterans
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Veterans, does Joe Biden stand up for Law & Order?

Does Joe Biden represent the best interests of The United States?


America stands up for the safety and security of all her citizens. Americans believe in the protection of The United States Constitution which guarantees the protection of the individual and their property.

Yet Joe Biden’s party has been mute as these sacred God Given Rights are being trampled by gangs and anarchists in cities across this country.

As reported by The National Review, ANTIFA anarchist thugs have been laying siege to parts of downtown Portland, Oregon, for over 100 nights.

Businesses have been attacked, Federal courthouses burned, law enforcement attacked, and an innocent man murdered in cold blood for opposing them.

And The Democratic Party has said nothing. In fact, to them, the violence and destruction is a myth.

At the first Presidential debate, Joe Biden insisted HE was the party.

Yet never was he asked to condemn ANTIFA and its violence. In fact, when asked if he had reached out to the Democrats running that city and state, he said…I am not in office.

Biden and Democrats - Coalition for American Veterans

It is clear that Joe Biden and his party are indifferent to the violence ravaging that city and are playing politics – using the violence and rioting as a means to an end in order to frame the destruction as “Donald Trump’s America.”

But the madness doesn’t end at ANTIFA.

In cities like Chicago, violent gangs have been massacring each other and innocent bystanders alike. Children have been killed in the crossfire. Entire groups shot up in broad daylight.

And what is done? Nothing.

What are Democrats doing to dismantle gang violence? Nothing.

As reported by NBC 5 in Chicago, the city’s Superintendent of Police, David Brown, estimates that there are at least 117,000 gangsters running the streets of Chicago.

There are 55 KNOWN gangs, nearly 750 “factions” and thousands of “subsets.”

The city has been run for decades by Democrats. In fact, it is often touted as Barack Obama’s home city, and what are the results for the citizens living there? Violence and death.

In every major city currently being run by Democrat Mayors and City Councils, there are no calls to crack down on riots, just a blind eye turned to “mostly peaceful protests.”

There are no calls to get tougher on gangs and thugs destroying livelihoods and ending innocent lives. Just the manic rallying cry of “Defund the Police.”

This November there are two distinct choices.

Vote for Donald Trump and continue the American traditions of law, order, and equal protection under the law.

Or vote for Joe Biden, the figurehead and Trojan horse of extremist and radical Democrats who are already caving in to those laying waste to the segments of the country under their control.

On November 3rd say NO to Joe Biden & Kamala Harris.

Say NO to leftist extremism.

Coalition for American Veterans PAC

Coalition for American Veterans PAC

Coalition for American Veterans PAC was founded by a group of citizens concerned with the treatment our veterans have received since returning from duty, going months and years without seeing their families and risking their lives, only to come home to politicians that do not support them.
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