Biden vs the World: Is this What Our Country Needs?

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Biden vs the World - Coalition for American Veterans

A topic that many are not talking about currently is the questionability of Joe Biden’s foreign policy record and policy proposals as he barrels down the campaign trail en route to what most assume will be a Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential campaign. But is he the best man to lead the country? A closer look at his foreign policy record and his current and former relations with other countries, including Ukraine and China, reveal many questions that need to be answered. Biden’s viability as a presidential candidate is one we need to be questioning as the safety of both our country and those who defend it may be at a much more serious risk in his hands.  

Biden prefers not to shed light on his dealings with China and Ukraine, both of which have drawn ire and criticism from those who suspect his dealings may have been corrupted and tainted by self-interest. Even now, amidst the pandemic, Biden’s response and dealings with China have been questionable. A lack of proper skills to lead a country through tricky international relations is a dangerous position for a president, and the potential for China or other foreign country corruption is a real threat. Both the relations with China as well as Ukraine raise many concerns that Biden may return to the weak foreign relations policies brought about by the Obama-Biden administration that left the country in a massive hole that we have still not dug out from. Indeed, there is an increasing level of awareness that China is an adversary and is not the trusted ally that some may have us believe. But Biden remains cagey on this and perhaps delusionally diplomatic about what our relation with China and other countries may look like under his presidency. 

Biden vs the World - Coalition for American Veterans

Instead, Biden uses deflective tactics, choosing instead to sling mud at sitting President Donald Trump’s foreign policy record instead of finding ways to bolster his own. His platform now calls to mind some of the weakness brought about by the Obama-Biden administration, of which he was a large signal caller. The vague yet grand statements continue, however, with Biden promising big things such as withdrawing more troops and halting more wars — but continually sidestepping the meat and potatoes of what he proposes. 

Biden likes to play on his record of experience with foreign policy as a former vice president and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. However, the record isn’t always what it appears, and if anything it is what should be called into evaluation as it provides a glimpse of what could be coming should Biden be elected in November. 

Certainly Biden’s record boasts size (decades as a typical politician in Washington, D.C!), but when a deeper look is taken it lacks substance, sustainability, and strength. “[Biden] hasn’t shown much original thought or initiative in foreign policy,” Barnett Rubin, a senior adviser during the Obama-Biden administration said in an interview with Vox

Biden and the Democrats take a hypocritical stance.  They criticize President Trump as reckless when he acts to defend our nation with reasonable and measured force, and when he modernizes and properly supplies our military.  And then they also criticize him as reckless when he acts to bring our troops home when their presence abroad is no longer necessary.  It is important to avoid putting our military servicemen and women at unnecessary risk.  A prudent and thoughtful foreign policy is even more necessary now, with  a world economy and international relations that may continue to be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic for months or years to come. 

As we steam ahead to the election, it’s important to know who your candidates are and what their presidency will mean for our country. Biden’s foreign policy record must be questioned as it has dangerous potential repercussions for our country and its citizens. 

Coalition for American Veterans

Coalition for American Veterans

Coalition for American Veterans was founded by a group of citizens concerned with the treatment our veterans have received since returning from duty, going months and years without seeing their families and risking their lives, only to come home to politicians that do not support them.

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