If Joe Biden’s initial nominees are any indication, America’s veterans will face great challenges in 2021. Our nation’s heroes know the importance of a strong military to defend our freedom. They know we need an effective foreign policy to promote peace and protect the American people.

Susan Rice

Head of Domestic Policy Council

Rice was Obama’s National Security Advisor and is famous (infamous) for her lies about Benghazi.

John Kerry

Special Presidential Envoy on Climate

Kerry betrayed our nation and his fellow veterans during the Vietnam war.

Denis McDonough

Secretary of the Veterans Administration

McDonough was Obama’s Chief of Staff during the disastrous “Syrian red line” failure.

Alejandro Mayorkas

Director of Homeland Security

In the Obama administration, he served as a strong advocate for the DACA amnesty program, and was criticized in a 2015 Homeland Security report for his oversight of a visa program that gave special treatment of politically-connected businesses.

Our work at the Coalition of American Veterans will be more crucial than ever over the next four years.

We can’t allow Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi to return us to the Obama-Biden policy of disrespect, neglect, and mistreatment of our nation’s veterans.  We can’t let Biden, Harris, and Pelosi destroy the progress of the last four years.