John Kerry Can’t be Trusted, but He’s Back in Government

John Kerry - Coalition for American Veterans
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John Kerry is back, and he’s here to push the Left’s Climate Agenda. notes that, “In January 2020, John Kerry was sworn in as the nation’s first special presidential envoy for climate and the first-ever principal to sit on the National Security Council entirely dedicated to climate change.”

His mission is simple: to evangelize the developed world on the existential threat we face. No, not China, Russia, Islamic jihadism, debt, or illegal immigration. But … “climate change.”

In a May meeting with Pope Francis, John Kerry made clear that even reaching our goals is not good enough. The world is burning, and everyone must act now:

“Everybody shares an obligation here. No one country can get this job done. If the United States was at zero emissions tomorrow, we’d still have crisis,” he said.

Despite the United Nations saying the United States has been exceeding its carbon reduction targets without being part of the Paris Climate Accord, the Biden Administration eagerly rejoined the symbolic, overpriced venture and sent Kerry into the trenches.

To be clear, we must change everything from the way we travel, to the way we eat. John Kerry still needs his private jet, however.

John Kerry - Coalition for American Veterans

And under Joe Biden, even the Pentagon is eagerly incorporating the menace of the “climate crisis” into its portfolio.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters, “Today, no nation can find lasting security without addressing the climate crisis. We face all kinds of threats in our line of work, but few of them truly deserve to be called existential. The climate crisis does.”

Not China, Russia, Islamic jihadism, debt, or unprecedented surges in illegal immigrants penetrating our borders.

But what does this mean, exactly? When small details like John Kerry’s extensive energy holdings are buried in the press, one can’t help but think John Kerry and friends are simply after massive control and free reign to completely transform our country as they see fit.

But this should not be much of a surprise.

Once upon a time, before becoming a Senator, Secretary of State, or husband to an ultra-rich widow to a ketchup fortune, John Kerry was a soldier, but one who maligned other soldiers.

John Kerry first rose to fame for his anti-Vietnam War activism once returning home from combat in which he served in patrol boats fighting up and down the rivers of Vietnam.

He referred to his movement of anti-Vietnam Vets as, “Winter Soldiers.” A play on words on Paine’s famous “Summer Soldiers” during the Revolutionary Era.

As noted by the New York Post, Kerry infamously, “even traveled to Paris to treat with our Communist enemies. Then he came home and made their arguments in the public arena, all in the hopes of getting America to abandon free Vietnam.”

He did so while still holding a position in the Navy Reserves, on a honeymoon with his first wife. He actively undermined the US Military efforts in Vietnam while American soldiers were directly in the line of fire. But Vietnam may not be Kerry’s only private rendezvous with America’s enemies.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Shariff, claimed in leaked audio recordings that the then former Secretary of State Kerry relayed information on Israel’s covert operations in the Islamic Republic during the Trump Administration:

“It was former US Foreign Secretary John Kerry who told me Israel had launched more than 200 attacks on Iranian forces in Syria.” 

Kerry, of course, has denied the allegations.

John Kerry has a history of double dealing, betraying our armed forces and the security of our allies.

Kerry has repeatedly put his own agenda before the interests of this country, so the question must be asked:

Why should he be trusted now?

Coalition for American Veterans PAC

Coalition for American Veterans PAC

Coalition for American Veterans PAC was founded by a group of citizens concerned with the treatment our veterans have received since returning from duty, going months and years without seeing their families and risking their lives, only to come home to politicians that do not support them.
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