July 2020 News Roundup

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News Roundup - Coalition for American Veterans

As we creep closer to election day, at Coalition for American Veterans we are focused on making sure the right person is elected for President of the United States this fall. Americans, and especially American veterans, deserve a leader who will have their best interest in mind.

Biden is not that person.

In July, we continued to ramp up our efforts to unite veterans around “Saying No! to Joe” on November 3rd. We had over 3,500 Americans sign our pledge to support veterans with their vote in November. To date, that pledge has been signed over 12,000 times.

We also held a remembrance rally in Tomah, WI on July 28, 2020. Veterans and veteran supporters from across Wisconsin gathered to remember the veterans that were affected in the 2014 Tomah VA scandal that took place under Obama-Biden.

Top News:

Coming in August 2020:

Next month, we’re launching our first video ad that will remind veterans where Biden stands on the issues that matter most to them.  

Coalition for American Veterans

Coalition for American Veterans

Coalition for American Veterans was founded by a group of citizens concerned with the treatment our veterans have received since returning from duty, going months and years without seeing their families and risking their lives, only to come home to politicians that do not support them.

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