Veterans Rally: “Let’s Remember the Tomah VA Scandal”

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Coalition for Americans Press Release

 Rally honors victims of “the Obama-Biden policy of neglect, disrespect, and mistreatment of veterans”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Wednesday July 29, 2020 at 7:30 pm CDT

Tomah, Wisconsin (Wednesday July 29)  – A group of Veterans gathered near the Tomah VA Medical Center yesterday to shine a light on the scandal that erupted in 2014, during the Obama-Biden administration, when veterans began overdosing on prescribed medications.

The rally was kicked off by retired Sergeant Major Jim Kitchen with a salute to the flag, an invocation, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

The event, which was held at Veterans Park, heard retired Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden speak about the importance of VA reform, holding politicians accountable, and electing politicians who support and understand the concerns of veterans.  

Veteran Dan Kapanke, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, spoke about the nature of grassroots politics and the importance of raising awareness around veterans’ issues in order to have the maximum impact on Election Day, November 3rd.  

The event was organized by the Coalition for American Veterans.   For photos and video of the event, see   

As the November 3rd election approaches, Coalition for American Veterans is conducting a grassroots outreach effort to stand up for Veterans’ issues via videos, social media, phone calls, mailings, text messages, email alerts, and literature distribution.

Mired in controversy and often used as an example of the failures of the Obama-Biden administration, the Tomah VA Medical Center has seen a dramatic change since Obama and Biden left office.  With reform and dedication, Tomah has been able to turn a corner, participating in alternative therapies and helping veterans reach peace in their minds and bodies without such heavy reliance on prescription drugs and painkillers.  This improvement is a solemn reminder that we don’t want to return to the Obama-Biden policies of neglect, disrespect, and mistreatment of Veterans.

For more information and/or to interview a Coalition for American Veterans spokesperson, contact Steve Beren at or (425) 785-2016.

Coalition for American Veterans

Coalition for American Veterans

Coalition for American Veterans was founded by a group of citizens concerned with the treatment our veterans have received since returning from duty, going months and years without seeing their families and risking their lives, only to come home to politicians that do not support them.

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