Biden and the Democrats Have Gone Too Far

The video draws a clear line in the sand of what Veterans stand for versus what Joe Biden and the Democrats stand for. “You’re for the Second Amendment. They’re for gun control. You’re for law and order. They’re for defunding the police. You’re for border security. They put illegal aliens ahead of veterans. You’re for a strong military. They would return us to the Obama-Biden policy of weakness and appeasement.”

Joe Biden Can’t Be Trusted

Despite the desperate attempts of the DNC, Clintons, Obamas, Hollywood, and the Mainstream Media to rehabilitate the image of Uncle Joe Biden into a nice guy and effective leader, he is simply unfit to serve as Commander In Chief.

Where do we begin? Well, perhaps we should start with the years of embellishments, lies, and outright plagiarism that Sleepy has been nailed for.

Joe Biden: Inappropriate With Women and Girls

Joe Biden wants to be President, but Tara Reade’s accusation that he sexually assaulted her has cast a shadow over Biden’s campaign – and his character. There are way too many instances of Joe Biden being inappropriate towards women and young girls, yet the media machine is working overtime to paint Joe Biden as a man of the people.

Biden and The Democrats: Cave in to Rioting and Looting

Businesses have been attacked, Federal courthouses burned, law enforcement attacked, and an innocent man murdered in cold blood for opposing them. And The Democratic Party has said nothing. In fact, to them, the violence and destruction is a myth.

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