Who Will Joe Biden Pick as His Running Mate?

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Joe Biden VP - Coalition for American Veterans

With the Democratic National Convention less than a month away, all the speculation about who Joe Biden will pick as a running mate will soon come to a conclusion.

From the point of view of most veterans, most active duty military, and voters concerned about pro-veteran policies, there is great concern that if Biden were to be elected, it would represent a return to the Obama-Biden policies of slashing the military and weakening our nation’s security.

Do we really want a return to the Obama-Biden years of neglect, disrespect, and mistreatment of veterans? And – given the far left drift of the Democratic Party – it would probably be even worse than it was during the Obama-Biden years.

Biden himself has made it clear what he envisions: “I’ve actually talked to Barack about this….  I would very much like my administration to look like the country, like Barack and our administration looked like.” 

Given this approach, combined with the current direction of the Democrats, when we take a look at the top names being considered as Biden’s running mate, it is quite likely that a Biden administration would be like the Obama administration, only worse.

Joe Biden VP - Coalition for American Veterans

Let’s look at some of the likely candidates:

There is Senator Kamala Harris of California. During the Democatic presidential primaries, she blasted Biden, accusing him of being “misinformed and wrong” for speaking “with such adoration … individuals that made and built their reputations on segregation.” With the current leftist promotion of identity politics and racial division, Harris might very well push Biden even further to the left on issues such as defunding the police.

Of course there is Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. While Biden is quite vague and unclear about his own views on jobs and the economy, Warren as vice presidential candidate would be able to step in and brand the campaign with her extreme progressive economic policies.

Another possible Biden running mate is former national security adviser Susan Rice. She was one of the most powerful figures in the Obama-Biden administration. But for many Americans, she is most remembered for her lies about the Benghazi attacks when (on September 16, 2012) she appeared on five network interview programs, falsely claiming that the Benghazi attacks were not premeditated but a “spontaneous” protest against a “hateful video.”  

Other names being discussed include Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, Congresswoman Val Demings of Florida, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.  

What all of these prospective VP candidates have in common are their strong liberal views on the key issues of the campaign – illegal immigration, gun control, defunding the police, abortion, and blocking the reopening of our nation’s economy. It all adds up to even more reason to say “NO!” to Joe Biden on November 3rd.

Coalition for American Veterans

Coalition for American Veterans

Coalition for American Veterans was founded by a group of citizens concerned with the treatment our veterans have received since returning from duty, going months and years without seeing their families and risking their lives, only to come home to politicians that do not support them.

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